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Material Handling Training

Nearly all companies have to move and store materials. Depending on the type of materials and the mode of movement, there can be many hazards posed. Improper, inadequate, or unsafe handling of materials causes injuries and even death in many cases. Handling materials safely should be a primary goal of every employee

This course is designed to help learners recognize the potential hazards related with lifting, moving, stacking, and storing materials and determine how to minimize the dangers associated with materials handling.

The SAFEMAXX Material Handling Safety eLearning course covers the following topics:

  • Lifting & Moving
  • Lifting Hazards & Injuries
  • Moving Material Manually
  • Using Mechanical Equipment
  • Stacking & Storing

Train Your Employees

You may have the best business strategy out there but the success of your company depends on one golden resource- people. Employees are your loyal foot soldiers ready to dive into battle with you.

But are you noticing them making a lot of mistakes or having no clue what to do in certain critical situations? Before you start questioning the competencies of your employees ask yourself- Have you taken the best effort to train your employees? Do you have a solid on boarding and training strategy for new employees?

Enveloping your people and improving their skills can

  • Increase their productivity and quality of work.
  • Increase overall profits
  • Improve employee motivation.
  • Give you a competitive advantage.
  • Reduce staff turnover and absenteeism.
  • Help you adapt to change and prepare for growth

Emergency Preparedness

From weather-related issues to active shooters in the workplace and more, it’s critical for your employees to know the correct action to take before, during and after an emergency

SQM Emergency Preparedness training comes with a Facilitator Kit and Participant Kit (sold separately); quantity purchases can result in lower per-unit cost.

Course content consists of eight independent modules to match your specific training needs. You can also customize the training by adding your company policies, videos or polls to the PowerPoint slides included in the Facilitator Kit.

  • Evacuation
  • Weather and Natural Disasters
  • Shelter in Place Emergencies
  • Medical Emergencies
  • Workplace Violence
  • Active Shooter
  • Terrorism Emergencies
  • Communication Before and After Emergencies

Forklift/Crane training

This course is designed for both new and experienced operators covering theoretical and practical overhead crane principles. This company-specific training is conducted at the client location and instructs participants on the use of crane equipment at their facility.

Upon completion of the practical examination, successful participants will receive an Overhead Crane Operation

Certificate as proof of certification.

  • Forklift: Understanding the Risk
  • Overhead and Gantry Crane
  • Cranes in Constructions
  • Aerial Lift
  • Crane Inspections

Rigger Training

SQM Basic Rigger Training program is specifically designed to upgrade the existing knowledge and skill Levels of basic and trainee riggers. The absence of good rigging practices and lack of hands-on training Contributes to a large percentage of material handling accidents

The program focuses on determining the correct size and type of rigging equipment required to safely perform lifting operations.

  • Definitions
  • Hazard Recognition
  • Crane Types and Classifications
  • Employer Responsibilities
  • Crane Components and Setup
  • Load Movement and Hoisting
  • Working around overhead power cables
  • Emergency Response
  • Types, Selection, and Use of Rigging Material
  • Rigging Material Inspection
  • Wire Rope, Connectors, and Slings
  • Chain and Synthetic Slings Crane Inspections