Typical Equipments

Fix Equipment:– Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchange,Piping System,Industrial Valve,Steam Boiler, Storage tank,Process.
Pressure Vessel Plate Material – You have to be careful when choosing Pressure Vessel Plate Materials; there are lots of requirements and specific prohibitions in the ASME code.
Some of these requirements are ASME and Non ASME plate material, plate specification, inspection requirement and material test report.
ASME Code Sec VIII DIV 1 requires that materials that used for pressure containing parts are one of the materials specified in ASME section II, but with some restrictions which are stated in ASME Code Sec VIII Div 1 in subsection C e.g. UCS, UHF, UNF.
Rotating Equipment: – Performance testing of Centrifugal Pump,Centrifugal Compressor,Reciprocating Compressor,Gas Turbine,Steam Turbine,Fan & Blower.
Valves (all types – standard, remote / gear operated, control, regulating), calibrating equipments, gauges, etc.

Heavy Structurel:-    
Lifting tools (E. O. T. Crane, Hydramanlift Crane, Heavy Machinery e.t.c.) & Lifting tackles (Wire Rope Sling,Dee Shackle,Eye bolt e.t.c.)
Safety & Fire Equipment’s: – Fire Extinguisher Inspection,