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Audits, Tests, Survey for Preventive Maintenance to Assess the Life of Machinery, to maintain quality standards in Original Equipment Manufacturing and also to ensure compliance with the Safety Standards & Guide Lines.

1. NDT Survey As Per ASTM Standards

Ultrasonic Thickness Survey, Radiography Testing, Ultrasonic Flaw Detection, Dye Penetrate Testing , Magnetic Particle Testing, Vacuum Box Testing, NDT plays a crucial role in industry and is necessary to assure safety and reliability. Typical examples are found in planes, ships (Hull Thickness Survey), vehicles, pipelines, bridges, trains, power stations, refineries, buildings and oil platforms (UT Gauging) which are all inspected using NDT. Materials, products and equipment which fail to achieve their design requirements or projected life due to undetected defects may require expensive repair or early replacement. Such defects may also be the cause of unsafe conditions or catastrophic failure, as well as loss of revenue due to unplanned plant shutdown. Nondestructive testing can be applied to each stage of an item’s construction. The materials and welds can be examined using NDT and either accepted, rejected or repaired. NDT techniques can then be used to monitor the integrity of the item or structure throughout it’s design life.

  1. Calibration Of Storage Tanks Calibration needs traceability and standardization, We are, one of the recognized calibrators by the Department of Legal Metrology (Weights and Measures Dept) in states where we have been approved and follow their rules apart from BIS standard number , which is also recognized by Customs, Excise and CPWD, Internationally, we follow various API and ISO standards for measurements and also as per requirements and rules in each country. 
  2. Fire Instruments Inspection
  • Portable Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Programs
  • 5-year Obstruction Inspection Services:-

To ensure proper maintenance of automatic fire sprinkler systems, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requires an internal inspection of piping every five years. Tyco Integrated Fire & Security offers a five-year obstruction inspection for automatic fire sprinkler systems that can help keep your system ready and in good working order.

  • Electronic Inspection Reporting.

It is critical that installing contractors help end users meet safety standards and go beyond the norm to apply best practices and advanced technologies that can enhance safety and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of fire/life-safety system inspection, testing and maintenance.

  • Fire Alarm System Testing, Inspection and Maintenance.
  1. Shop Inspection
  2. Piping Inspection

I use the following content as a summary of points for the in-service inspection of the piping system.

  • Creating a piping inventory list indicating the line number, pipe specification class, rating, schedule, pipe origin location (from) and pipe destination location (to)
  • Creating piping isometric sketches to facilitate inspection and the recording of corrosion monitoring locations (CMLs)
  • Dividing whole unit piping into piping circuits based on process condition and potential degradation mechanism
  • Selecting appropriate NDE techniques for each piping circuit based on the circuit damage mechanism
  • Determination of CMLs points in piping isometric sketches based on the potential for general or localized corrosion and service specific damage mechanisms
  • Determination of piping service class based consequence of failure and instruction stated in API 570 or based on the Risk Based Inspection method.
  • Carry out external inspection for corrosion, leaks, previous temporary repairs, clamps, coating breakdown, insulation damage, vibration, misalignment, pipe support deterioration specifically in touch points and to air to soil interface, pipe hanger distortion or breakage and frizz damage
  • External thickness measurement on CMLs on each piping circuit
  • Corrosion rate calculation based on metal loss in a specific time interval
  • Retirement thickness calculation based on the minimum required thickness and minimum required structural thickness
  • Remaining life calculation based on the available thickness for corrosion and the corrosion rate value
  • Determination of piping circuit inspection interval based remaining life calculation and piping service class
  • Determination of piping inspection interval for non-thinning damage mechanism
  • Making supplementary inspection with the proper NDE method for piping circuits susceptible to creep cracking
  • Making supplementary inspection with the proper NDE method for piping circuits susceptible to the creep cracking
  1. Standard Based Coating & Painting services.
  2. Installation Of HSD Tanks & Petroleum Storage
  • Site inspection and preparation of drawings as per the parameter of Petroleum Explosives Safety Organization (PESO).
  • Obtaining initial approval from the local authorities as in state and central government agencies.
  • Site clearance, excavation, foundation, (RCC & PCC) for the installation of underground HSD tank including pressure testing.
  • Lying of pipe line with flow meter, valves and other safety gadgets connecting the main tank to the service tanks.
  • Commissioning of the tank including calibration after obtaining the final approval and licence for storage and transfer.
  1. Installation of Bulk LPG, LNG & Compressed Gas Tanks
  • Site Inspection, designing and preparation of drawing as per Rules stipulated by Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization (PESO).
  • Obtaining clearance / permission from petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization/NOC from local administration.
  • Site clearance, foundation (RCC &PCC) and other civil work, for the installation of over head LPG bullets.
  • Fabrication of LPG bullets with the design as per the standards to comply with the safety regulation and subsequent testing.
  • Pipe line with X – ray quality welded joints with pumps, valves gauges with all safety gadgets. also regulator with vaporizer unit for trouble free dispensing of gas.

9. Warehouse Pallet Racking Inspection

Racking systems inspection from SQM – independent assessment and training to ensure the reliability, functionality, safety and integrity of your racking systems.

All inspections are carried out according the European Standards EN 15512, EN 15620, EN 1562, EN 15635 and EN 15878

  • Identify and report problems before they become serious.
  • Confirm the safety, integrity and reliability of your racking systems.
  • Minimize the risk of workplace accidents or racking system collapse.
  • Ensure worker safety and prevent injury, loss of life, heavy fines, compensation claims and legal action as a result of faulty equipment.
  • Maintain safety standards and comply with international regulations.
  • Enable your personnel to conduct their own professional and cost-effective in-house inspections.


Inspection of Plant, Equipment & Machinery on behalf of Director of Factories, Govt of Haryana, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan & Punjab, Chief Controller of Explosives, Petroleum Explosives & Safety Organization (PESO) Govt of India for Issue of Certification, Approvals &Licence. 

1. Certification Plant, Machinery & Equipment

Testing and Certification Plant , Machinery & Equipment as per Factories act 1948,Factories Rule 1958 Section 23(2), 28, 29, 31&87 of Factories Act 1948. 
Competency issued by Director of Factories & Boilers, Govt of Haryana, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan & Punjab.
Pressure Vessels, Compressor Units, Heat Exchangers.
Lifts, Cranes & Hoists and other Lifting Tackles/Machines.
Stability of Factory Buildings – Site Plan & Lay Out.
Periodic inspection, testing & certification under factories act and include external / internal inspection, non-destructive testing, hydraulic testing, inspection of the safety fittings including design appraisal, verification of the residual life of the equipment. Advice the client if any, repairs / modifications as required, impose conditions (if required) for safe working of the equipment. 

2. Certification of Storage Tanks, Pressure Vessels

  • Competency issued by Chief Controller of Explosives, Department of Explosives, Govt. Of India.
  • Pressure Vessels – Under Rules 18,19,33,43 and 44(2) of SMPV(U) Rules 1981.
  • Petroleum installation under Rule 126 & 130 of the Petroleum Rules 1976.
  • Petroleum road tankers under Rules 1976.

Stage-wise-inspection, testing & certification under SMPV (U) rules. Includes studying the fabrication drawing, welder qualification test, identification & stamping of the plates, alignment / setup inspection, back chip D.P. checking, radiographic inspection, pneumatic testing of the reinforcement pads, stress relieving, dimensional check, final hydraulic testing, stamping and certification. 
Bulk & non bulk petroleum installations includes inspection of the site,preparations,drawings confirming to parameters fixed by PESO for storage tanks, tankers decanting facility, electrical fittings, pumps, earthing, pipe lines, sprinklers, fire hydrants, fire hydrant pumps etc. as required under petroleum rules. 
* Includes consultation for securing initial permission and final license for installation of petroleum storage transport by land, static and mobile pressure vessels, import, filling and storage of gas cylinders under Petroleum Rules, SMPV Rules and Gas Cylinder Rules 

3. Third Party Inspection & Chartered Engineer Certification

Competency Issued by Institution of Engineers (India), incorporated by Royal Charter 
Depreciable assets other than buildings run an economic life peculiar to themselves owing to constant handling and operational use. Plant and machinery accordingly bear a life expectancy reckoned on a different criteria built upon empirical observation, professional experience and field survey. Inspection and certification analyze the information collected from the unit/documents and during inspection, in detail, to workout fair valuation.